Rambling in Rome



We have arrived here in Rome.  We are both excited and exhausted.  This is our baptism into Airbnb and the place we have chosen does not disappoint. It has been twenty-eight hours since we left our home and now we have discovered our new home in Rome. The cabbie finds the place easily.  We exit the car with luggage and backpacks in hand and head over to the giant door.  We buzz number five and Barry, our host buzzes us in.  To get to our room, we pass through a locked door, a locked gate, a tiny, tiny elevator, another door and another gate until we see our room.  It is compact, with a very comfortable bed, a “kitchen” which includes a hot plate, mini fridge and sink.  The bathroom is normal sized and well appointed.  But the magic of this place are the four terraces.  We walk to the first two terraces and then we enter a secret garden maze to discover the other two terraces which include spectacular views of Rome and the Vatican.  I abandon all sensibility while climbing the  stairs/ladder to the upper terraces.  It is apparent to me that building inspectors have not been around since the Romans built the Colliseum.

Absolutely we were exhausted, but our host was kind enough to give us an overview of the city and his recommendations for places to eat, sightsee and to see Rome from an insiders perspective .  He has thoughtfully left us some prosecco and Brie to enjoy on the terraces.

Next, we walk the cobblestone streets to a fabulous bistro for an early dinner.  The clouds are forming but the temperature is perfect.  We chose a small place, off the tourist path to enjoy dinner.  Apparently, wine is cheaper than water so we happily sip the house wine at each meal. Our first waiter, who looked remarkably like Captain Kangaroo was surley  and overworked. However, he brought us some of the finest pizza we have ever tasted.

imageThe first night we slept well and enjoyed the prosecco and beer we bought at a nearby store.  The next morning, it was raining and we enjoyed the luxury of sleeping to the sound of the raindrops falling on the terrace. Our host thoughtfully left an umbrella for us to investigate the neighborhood.  Greg purchased a map, but I’m pretty sure it is if Ancient Rome because we get lost, nonetheless.  At lunch we eventually found a great place where the owner kissed me and gave us some delicious cherries for dessert. For dinner we found a very small place that cooks fresh pasta daily to serve to the eight tables in the dining room.  We were seated with an American couple and enjoyed hearing about their travels through Europe.  At dinner we devoured two pasta entries, a carafe of house wine and cookies for dessert.  All of this for twenty-four euros. After dinner we visited an Irish pub and watched the American students order margaritas.  It is already more than we could hope for. Life is very good.

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Retired Rambling

I hope to share my passion for travel, food and meeting new people as we travel the world. My husband and I are retired and with time on our hands I hope to discover new places and people in this wonderful world and bring those stories to my readers. Please follow as we ramble about.

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