Getting Older, Apparently it’s Unavoidable

Age is a sticky subject for me.  I don’t like to admit that I’m getting older but the reality of life is that getting older is better than the alternative.

I guess when you admit that you are getting older you also become more accepting of the reality of your own mortality.  And that is something I’m not ready for.

Maybe one of the positive things about age and maturity is that your perspective changes.  Now I don’t worry about what people think about me.  Gone are the days of insecurity.  You can like me if you want, but it’s not something that I crave any longer.  I am not afraid to give people my honest opinion.

Knowing that life is precious and fleeting, I really want to experience everything I can.  I do try to live my dreams.  Going to Australia and seeing the Great Barrier Reef last month was something I wanted to do since I was a kid.   I fell in love with the spectacular pictures of the Great Barrier Reef, and the idea of visiting a far away place.  My brother Neal, who keeps EVERYTHING  from our childhood (and archives it  )recently sent me the National Geographic School Bulletin from 1968.  This was the magazine that ignited my desire to to see Australia.   On the cover was Australia’s Barrier Reef.   As a nine year old,  I saw those pictures and knew I had to go there.   It was on my Bucket List.   It may have taken me almost fifty years, but I got there.  It no longer looks like it did in 1968, but it was wonderful nonetheless.


Captivating article about Great Barrier Reef “one of the most awesome spots on earth.”

I was finding Nemo inside the magazine in ’68, thirty five years  before Pixar even dreamed of the movie.

Clownfish from 1968 magazine

Right now I’m dealing with the realization that my body doesn’t always do what I want it to.   I fractured my foot a couple of weeks ago, climbing the stairs.  No, it didn’t happen when I bungee jumped off a building, or when I was snorkeling , or hiking or riding a speed boat.  It happened when I was just climbing the stairs!

My new “boot”

I’m in a walking boot now  and it is very uncomfortable to walk in.  When I went to the store yesterday I sat in a cart scooter, acknowledging my disability .  I drove around Costco and knocked over a couple of displays, but no people.  Those things are really slow, and loud when you back up.  It took me twice as long to shop as it usually does.  I felt vulnerable and old.  Two things I wish to avoid.

I may accept the realization that my body isn’t as strong as it once was, but I am not giving up.  I realize this is my new reality. It’s probably time to give away my roller blades.  But I refuse to let it slow me down.                                                                                Age is only a number.

My rollerblades, not for sale……. yet





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I hope to share my passion for travel, food and meeting new people as we travel the world. My husband and I are retired and with time on our hands I hope to discover new places and people in this wonderful world and bring those stories to my readers. Please follow as we ramble about.

15 thoughts on “Getting Older, Apparently it’s Unavoidable”

  1. Oh my gosh – I could have written your post! I too am having trouble coming to grips with the realities of aging. Fortunately, I don’t yet (at 61) have too many aches and pains that slow me down. I did break my hip though. Last summer I was coming down from a ladder and missed the last rung. A couple of weeks using a walker, then several months with a cane made me realize that aging wasn’t for sissies. Although I’d love to get to Australia one of these days, my long-time dream was Cuba… and I was able to fulfill that one two years ago. I hope you get back to 100% soon!

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    1. Retirementaly Challenged,
      You said it, aging isn’t for sissies! That being said, I’m so glad to hear that you recovered so well from your fall. I know I will recover from this too and hopefully be back hiking and doing yoga soon. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Nancie, I hope your injury heals nicely. I can’t believe you walked around on it that long without knowing it was fractured.

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  3. I am sorry for Your fracture. We are retired, my wife and I. We keep us with life we have both hobbies. My wife makes handicrafts for example beading, read German magazine, and solves puzzles in it. I love photography, blogging and languages. Being Finn, I translate my posts into English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. We both were couple of years ago learning Portuguese. As You saw, age is not limiting to learn a new language. Together we walk daily and love traveling.

    Of course, there many other things we do together. Life is enjoyable together with the person I love.

    Happy and safe travels. Regards from Finland.

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  4. Getting old is not nice! I’m still physically quite ok (though my back is a little bit stuck) but I sometimes feel like I’ve already said and done everything (exept travelling which I will when I have money). Still
    I’m “only” 36. I’m scared of what happens when I’m older…

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