International Insomniac 


In college I slept through rowdy roomates, randy roommate and even downright rude roomates. I could close my eyes and I was asleep. When I went to bed with my husband he turned on the radio, “Please turn that off” I requested. “It’s the only way I can ever sleep” he explained. Greg grew up listening to Yankee games and Gene Shepard on the radio, it was his sure fire way to get to sleep. I eventually learned to get some sleep with the radio on, as long as it was boring talk radio or sports. My preferences were some guy talking on and on about trains or people talking about tonight’s game. The killer for me would be some news story, or worst of all some right-wing conservative. I would feel obligated to argue whatever point they were making, usually at 2am.

Once I had my three children sleep, as I had known it ceased. I would get up with the babies and feed them, change them and ensure they were breathing, comfortable, not too warm, not too cold, sleeping in the correct position etc. As my children grew I would worry about their well being, mostly very late at night.  Once my children were older I worried about them driving. We’ve had our share of car accidents and I am frankly shocked that we haven’t been blackballed by the entire car insurance industry. As my children grew and moved out on their own, my thought are of them in the middle of the night.  Sleep is elusive.   At home on a typical morning I rise at 4:20 am, because I love my 5am gym class.  At this point in my life, I figure  as the late, great Warren Zevon said, “I will sleep when I am dead”.

When we arrived in Rome we had not slept for twenty seven hours.  I was sure that the expensive European bed that our AirBnB had provided would lull me to sleep like a baby.  We tried to emulate the guidebooks gurus’ s advice and stay awake and get on Rome time as soon as possible.  We stayed up as late as we could, but soon I was wide awake at 2am.  In the afternoon we figured a short nap would help us.  Five hours later we awoke to the sound of seagulls cooing.

Since our arrival in Rome, I have been plagued with a headache every night.  At first I was concerned that I was allergic to Italian wine, luckily that was not the case.  I finally figured out that maybe I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal. After dinner I had a cappuccino and my headache vanished!  This was about 10 o’clock, but I was just happy to find relief.  Eventually exhaustion kicked in and we were both sound asleep.

I am so grateful for technology, it helps me keep in contact with family and friends.  Being so far away I love hearing about things that are going on back in Arizona.  I am a bit less appreciative of technology when my family and friends call on FaceTime or Skype at 2 or 4am. When my dentist’s office called at 3am two days ago I merely told them “I am in another country!” and promptly hung up.

I think now that I have kindly reminded my friends and family about time zone differences we may sleep all night tonight.  But for now I am AWAKE.  This morning  I enjoyed a espresso AND a cappuccino.  I think I still need to learn about moderation.

Reluctantly Retired

When I was a kid and I met someone who was retired, I thought they were old. I thought they didn’t work anymore and I was pretty sure they got cranky. I was absolutely convinced they had nothing to contribute to society. Not such an alluring picture. However that picture  was altered forever when I saw my parents and in-laws enjoying life in different ways when they retired. They traveled more, met new friends and had time in their lives for new hobbies. To me, that does not sound half bad. They  knew about current events and  both my dad and father-in-law became really good cooks. When my husband retired a year and a half ago I was concerned. Was he going to sit around eat junk food and watch TV all day? He needed a plan, a schedule and a structure to his day, or at least I thought he did. He totally surprised me by resurrecting his decades old hobby of woodworking. After he dusted off his Shopsmith he very quickly got busy making beautiful tables and accessories. I would ask him to complete some projects at home while I was at work and they usually were done. Greg started cooking,  not just grilling but following recipies and grocery shopping.  I had no ideas that he knew where anything was in the grocery store except beer. I was mistaken. He told his friends that he planned “to get in the best shape of his life.” We laughed, but he pulled out our old treadmill and went hiking. He cooked healthy meals and lost twenty pounds. This retired gig was working for the guy.He was relaxed, happy and formed an inexplicable bond with our dog. But the most shocking part of his retirement was that he made the bed! In nearly thirty three years of marriage he  had not done this.

I have decided to start this blog because I have always loved to write  and tell funny stories about our adventures.  I wrote a blog last summer about our  maiden RV adventure through the west and had a blast chronicling the trip. My husband and I will be traveling through Europe for fifty six days so I believe I will have something interesting to share.

We typically identify ourselves by our occupation. In another week, I will no longer be able to call myself a special education teacher. I love teaching, but there comes a time when every classroom teacher recognizes that the job is getting more difficult every day. I decided that I want to leave teaching when I still love it, so in seven days my classroom will belong to someone else.

Soon after I say goodbye to my school we go on a trip. My husband and I have planned an extended trip to Europe.  We are going to stay at Airbnb homes.  You know, it’s kind of like visiting with friends that you haven’t met yet. But you pay them. We just hope they do not turn out to be crazy, homocidal friends. The one thing we know for sure is they may be murders, but they have beautiful taste in furniture and own a washing machine. This is a new way to travel for us but we figure we are better to live life to the fullest with no regrets. I am the more spontaneous one, Greg, is the planner. He likes to know how much everything will cost, create a spreadsheet and lead us to wherever we are going. He even leads us in places he has never been to, he always walks around like he knows just where he is going. We refer to him as”The Line Leader”.

I have been thinking about this trip and have some great concerns. Our plan, or should I say Greg’s plan is for us to pack for fiftysix days with one carry on each and a back pack. I was not entirely sure I would make it. Our trip includes planes, trains, cars and two cruise ships.  With some wardrobe editing, I am now packed.