Botox Gone Bad

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I will admit it, I’m vain.  I would much rather give you my social security number than my age.  I try to take care of myself.  I eat fairly well, exercise regularly and I stay out of the sun.  Whenever I have a little extra money I get Botox or some other treatment that will help hide my age.

Recently I went in to the medspa for some Botox.  I was hosting a party a few days later and wanted to make the lines around my eyes disappear.  If you have never had Botox I highly recommend it.  The shot is barely a pinch and the result is visible within a day or less.  Gone will be the furrowed brow, the crow’s feet etc.

Well, let this be a cautionary tale about the possible side effects of injectables.  On this particular occasion, while getting the injection I jumped.  I’m not sure why I jumped, but I did.  The doctor warned me that it might leave a bruise.  “So what, that’s fine” I said.  Well it’s a week later and I still look liked I did a few rounds with Mike Tyson.  But it will all fade and the wrinkles are gone for now.

My sweet husband is mortified when we walk anywhere together because he is the one getting the dirty looks.  This is one of the possible outcomes when you get Botox.  I still don’t care.  I may have a grade one shiner, but the crow’s feet have disappeared.  Will I get Botox again?  Absolutely!  Such is the price for looking younger (and being somewhat shallow).