New Year, New Journey

We are getting ready to take a trip that will cross off a couple of items on my bucket list.  Every since I was a young kid I have wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  I saw pictures in National Geographic magazine and knew that it was a place I had to visit.  When we started planning our latest journey we wanted to visit as many places on that side of the world as possible.  We will be visiting Singapore, several cities in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.We start our trip in an airplane, of course for twenty three and a half hours!  Assuming we survive that little jaunt, we spend the next five days exploring Singapore.  We then board the Azamara Journey  for an eighteen day cruise from Singapore to Sydney Australia with stops in Bali, Komodo Indonesia and six cities in Australia including the Great Barrier Reef.

For this trip we’re going on a new cruise line, Azamara  on a smaller ship of 650 passengers that is a destination driven cruise line.

In our marriage my husband, Greg is the planner. He’s the guy with the spread sheets, the budget guy, the analytical, logical one.  I’m the dreamer.  I am the flexible, creative, sensory seeking, impulsive one.  I guess that makes us a good combination.  We both love to travel and are eager to explore new places.

For this trip we will fly to Los Angeles today and get on Qatar  Airline for a sixteen and a half hours to Doha, Qatar and after a two hour layover we will get back on a plane taking us to Singapore.

Greg researched the price comparisons, the airline tickets and the cruises.  I looked for excursions that would provided us with a local perspective, unique experiences and maybe the opportunity to ride an elephant or hold a koala.